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Sunday 15th March 2020 Convid19 Coronavirus Health and Safety announcement and temporary changes to my service:

Due to the corona virus pandemic, I am taking the following measures to safeguard everyone in my studio, to minimize the risk of spreading this virus. Please be assured that your safetly is my first priority. The studio is cleaned/disinfected on a regular basis throughout the day to safeguard everyone, but the following additional points are in place as an extra precaution:

Please use the hand sanitizer provided, upon entry to my studio.

If you have any of the symptoms such as high temperature, difficulty breathing or cold/flu like symptoms, please don't come to my studio. stay at home instead, and I will issue you with a makeup lesson video tutorial via Lessonmate, or we can run a live webcam lesson, using a service such as Zoom.

If you do need to cough or sneeze, use your arm to cover your mouth, not your hand. Try to keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from me when we do the sit down lesson, and sit facing the music stand as opposed to facing myself. This way if either of us are unknowingly infected we are less likely to breathe in each other's air and spread the infection.

Please use your own toilet, or public toilet before traveling to my lessons, (to safeguard everyone, I am limiting public access of my premises to the hallway/stairs and my music room, i.e Kitchen and bathroom are out of bounds areas).

Please try to keep the areas that you touch to a minimum, for example, avoid touching my desk area, chairs or furniture you are not using such as bookshelves, or instruments other than your own, but instead just the music stand, your instrument and the area you sit in for lessons. This will minimize the chances of possible cross-contamination and passing the virus on to someone else if any of us are immune to the virus (i.e. someone who doesn't know they are infected because they have no symptoms, and unknowingly pass the virus onto others. Parents please note that this is especially relevant to children, and young people who generally seem to be unaffected by the virus).

You have the option to do lessons via live webcam streaming, as an alternative to face to face lessons in my studio and I highly recommend this as the default way of learning, for the next few months until this crisis is resolved. This service is especially recommended for children and older people and those with health issues.

There are several benefits to taking lessons via webcam not available in face to face lessons, such as the option to record the lesson and watch it later, or multiple camera views, so you can see the guitar fretboard from your point of view, but also the teachers, Whist this is a new service, there are many benefits learning this way, and I will be working hard to deliver a service that matches what you have experienced in my studio, so any feedback on how this service can be improved is appreciated. In addition to your weekly lessons online, there is also a possibility that I may do a once a week online live hangout group for all my online learners.

Sunday 15th March 2020 update to cancellation policy: For the duration of this convid19 coronavirus crisis, the 48 hour cancellation policy will not be in effect. If you feel unwell, have any cold/flu-like symptoms or suspect you may have the coronavirus, please stay at home. You will not lose out by cancelling at short notice. By default all canceled lessons will be made up via the Lesson mate service, which you can learn more about from the  links below:


  1. Fees

    Lesson fees are subject to half yearly review.

  2. Lesson booking(s) & “Better Than Money Back Guarantee”.

    The introductory lesson is backed up with a “better than money back guarantee”. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with this first lesson you have up to 24 hours from the time of this lesson to contact us to get this fee refunded, to cancel any further lessons, and to arrange for us to pay for your first lesson with one of our local competitors*. You will also need to return any lesson materials you received from induction lesson such as the Student learning resources pack & resources CD. After this 24 hour period the fee for the monthly subscription package you chose is due.

    *Our offer to pay for first lesson with rival teacher is limited to local teachers in the Southampton area within a 10 mile radius of Southampton Guitar Academy's Studio, We pay the full amount for first lesson with a teacher that charges the same price as us or less for their first lesson. For a teacher that charges a higher hourly rate than us, we will make a partial payment towards this first lesson, we will pay the amount that our induction lessons costs towards this lesson and you pay the remaining fee, for example, if this teacher charges £40 per hour lesson we will pay the first £30 towards this lesson fee and you pay the remaining £10.

    This offer is excludes persons that work in music retail, music services, music schools, other guitar teachers, and people that work for organisations that are in competition with Southampton Guitar Academy.

    Please note that all lessons following on from consultation session (with exception to PAYG lessons) by default are paid for monthly in advance and Direct Debit (via GoCardless.com) or PayPal Subscription are the default payment methods.

    Other forms of payment for this subscription such as cash or cheque are still possible, but are time consuming and expensive to process and can therefore incur a £5 administration fee for each monthly subscription payment.

    For PAYG lessons a deposit of £35 is payable for the first lesson in addition to the fee for that lesson. This is returned to you when you discontinue lessons, on condition that no monies are owed (for late cancelations, missed lessons, materials purchased from us, or any breaches to this studio agreement).

    Payments made after the Payment Due Date
    can incur a £5 late payment fee. 

  3. Lesson Cancellations & Missed Lessons

    A minimum of 48 hours is required to cancel or reschedule any lessons, otherwise the fee for the lesson will be payable in full, or the lesson credit paid for forfeited. If the teacher is unavailable to give any scheduled lesson, the lesson will be carried forward to another date at the teachers discretion. If this is not possible then any fee already paid may be refunded or used to pay for future lesson at our discretion. If the student continuously misses, cancels or rearranges lessons he/she will lose any lesson credit paid for and may be asked to discontinue lessons.

  4. Extra Lessons.

    Additional lessons can be scheduled during the holiday period or at any other time by mutual agreement. These lessons can be purchased for the same price as PAYG lessons (Students on a monthly subscription package get 20% off this PAYG rate), unless you have any remaining free lesson credits to use up (for example for passing a graded exam), in which case they are free of charge.

  5. Gift Vouchers:

    Gift Vouchers are available for purchase as present for friends, family members or spouse. (Please note: These need to be used with lesson booking contract provided , and are valid for up to 6 months from the purchase date). Payments for gift vouchers are non refundable.

  6. Holidays and Time Off From Lessons

    For any planned time off from guitar lessons please give at least 2 weeks written notice of dates you wish to take off, and when you wish to recommence lessons.

    If you don't provide a date that you wish to restart lessons then it is assumed that you wish to discontinue music lessons, in which case the Termination of Agreement clause applies (please see below).


  1. Termination of Agreement

    A decision to discontinue lessons may be taken by the student/parent/guardian, in which 4 weeks written notice will be given to discontinue by the person wishing to discontinue.

    In the event that the student /parent/guardian discontinues lessons with insufficient notice, they will be liable to pay fees for those lessons not taken during the notice period.

    Cooling off period: You are exempt from the termination of agreement clause during the first 14 days as a registered person with Southampton Guitar Academy, In the event of a cancelation within this time, you will receive a refund for the difference of any weeks remaining on the subscription, on condition that you return all leaning materials and resources that you received from us undamaged.


  1. General

    a) The student/parent/guardian agrees to pay for any music/strings/ repairs etc required by the student and provided by the teacher.

    b) The student/parent/guardian will be responsible for any loss or damage incurred to any instrument, accessory or music loaned by the teacher to the student. Such items will be returned to the teacher when requested.

    c) The student/parent/guardian agrees not to make photocopies of any music, or duplicate any of Southampton Guitar Academy's worksheets, learning resources or other intellectual property without permission.

    d) The student will not enter any exams, festivals, competitions or other public performance without first consulting the teacher. The teacher will not enter the student into any competitions, exams, festivals etc without the approval of the student/parent/guardian. Any fees for any such exams, performances etc will be paid for by the student/parent/guardian.

    e) The student/parent/guardian is responsible for insurance of the student's instrument(s).

    f) In the interest of the student's well being whilst in the teachers care, the teacher must be informed of any medical or other condition affecting the student.

    g) If the student is under 18 years old the parent/guardian gives permission for the teacher to teach the student.


  • Lessons run for all 12 months of the year at Southampton Guitar Academy by default. Students are welcome to take time off from lessons for holiday's (giving the required notice), however it must be noted that as we operate on a first come first served basis, we can't guarantee that the students preferred lesson slot will still be available when the student returns from holiday.

  • It is important to note that whilst a teacher will use his/her best endeavors to ensure the student makes satisfactory progress, this cannot be guaranteed. In particular careful regular practice as advised by the teacher is a prerequisite of success on a musical instrument.

  • For lessons in Southampton Guitar Academy's studio with students under 18 years old a parent/guardian is encouraged to be present throughout the first few lessons. This is an additional safeguarding measure for the teacher and the student.

  • For parents/guardians of younger children being present during a lesson can be beneficial as the the parent/guardian will be better equipped to help his/her child with practice between lessons.

  • Older children and teenagers where possible are taught in the same way as adults. From our experience we find the autonomy and responsibility of being treated like an adult (for example organising their practice between lessons) can enhance character assets such as confidence, self esteem and organisational skills.



By registering for guitar lessons you agree to these terms and conditions above


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