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 Pricing & Services from May 2022

At Southampton Guitar Academy you get Friendly, bespoke professional music lessons, to help you achieve your goals. Our SGA subscription students enjoy the following services inclusive of weekly lessons at no extra charge*:

  1. Email support: Contact us if you get stuck with any music assignments, or for any other music/guitar related advice.*

  2. Track your progress. Your lesson notes and practice strategies emailed to you after every lesson.*

  3. Free automatic subscription to some top quality educational music software and games that will boost your practice sessions (Usually these programs are only available through a costly monthly or annual subscription fee):

    * Theta Music Trainer, One of the most innovative ear training and music theory software available.

    * Songsterr Plus: Free access to the most comprehensive and best legal tab/notation site available,  Full access included in lesson subscription.

    * 100's of learning resources, arrangements and exercise that can be opened and modified to assist your learning via a high quality free guitar tab/notation program used for writing and playing back music.  SGA students who use Tab/notation programs regularly and would like all the latest "bells and whistles" have the option to purchase Guitar Pro 8 (a premium tab and notation software) for half price using our special promotion code.*

  4. Professionally prepared worksheets to accompany lessons.

  5. Student only access to a growing range of online worksheets and and cool resources.*

     6. Option to learn online via live webcam, instead of studio visit.

Free Consultation

You can book a free 30 minute consultation session at our studio. *

This is a chance for you to find out more about how our teaching service, resources and between lesson support works. We will assess your current level, and develop a long term strategy to move you forward towards any goals you set. You will learn how we can help you to improve confidence and skills as a musician and guitar player, so you can move towards becoming the player you wish to be.

To book your free session please use the contact page of this site, or email us at:


Monthly Subscription

Learning a musical instrument to a high level and becoming the musician you want to be can take years of dedicated study. As we believe learning takes place not just during lesson time, but also in practice time between lessons. SGA take learning beyond what other local music teachers or schools provide and offers this comprehensive package to help you get the best results from your subscription. You get the following bonus services at no extra cost:

  • Online student and parent studio account. Log into to your account for the following:

  • Track payments & lesson bookings.

  • Receive your personal weekly lesson report & practice strategy by email,

  • Online song repertoire & Practice diary to monitor of progress.

  • Student only access to exclusive guitar learning resources.

  • Red Carpet Exclusivity: Tutor support between lessons *
    Free (& heavily discounted) subscription to highly acclaimed software that improves musician skills. Currently all SGA subscription students get free complete membership to Theta Music Trainer (usual subscription cost to non SGA members is about £7 per month), and Songsterr Plus  (Usual subscription cost is also about £7 per month to non SGA members).

  • Free copy of SGA Student Resources Handbook to keep your lesson notes organized (This is priced at £10.00 to PAYG students).
  • Full access to music library including the complete Rockschool and RGT syllabus during lessons in the SGA studio.


Payments are easy, convenient and offer great value compared to other traditional 1 on 1 lessons. You can choose to learn at our studio, or online via webcam.  This is an ongoing contract that can be canceled at any time with one month's written notice.

Adults & teens = £125.00 per month = 4 x 1 hour lessons + Subscription Bonus's.

10 - 12 year olds = £95.00 per month = 4 x ¾ hour lessons + Subscription Bonus's.

Kids under 10 = £69.00 Per Month = 4 x ½ hour lessons + Subscription Bonus's.


Group lessons:

Monthly Subscription:

2 people for 4 x 1 hour lessons + subscription bonus's : £169.00

3 People for 4 x 1 hour lessons + subscription bonus's : £189.00


Pay As You Go (PAYG) lessons:

If you are unable to attend regular lessons at the same time each week, or just prefer to book lessons one at a time, a PAYG option is now available (prices here are for one on one lessons).

1 hour lesson: £39.00 per lesson.

3/4 hour lesson: £30
.00 per lesson.

1/2 hour lesson: £
21.00 per lesson.

SGA Student Resources Handbook: £10.00


Please note: Priority bookings, free access to our online & offline resources and “between lesson support” go to students on a Monthly Subscription package, over PAYG. If you wish to secure regular lessons at your preferred time/slot, and make the best possible progress, a Monthly Subscription offers you the best value (saving you about 20% each month, roughly the cost of an extra lesson, compared to PAYG).

Groups of more than 3 people can only be arranged in advance as block booking or through one of the Group classes that Southampton Guitar Academy run. Prices will be dependent on factors such as room hire cost for lessons, as well as the total number of students signing up for lessons.

Half hour lessons are most suited for younger children under 10 years of age. One hour lessons are recommended for older children, teenagers and adults.


Cancellation or change of lesson time

Southampton Guitar Academy requires at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel your lesson, otherwise the lesson credit paid for is forfeited. This policy is necessary due to a number of late cancellations in the past resulting in considerable lost income. Usually if we are given enough notice we can fill the lesson space. A late cancellation not only inconveniences us but also deprives other students of the opportunity to have a lesson.

Live online lessons: Online lessons are available for all SGA students, and cost the same as face to face lessons in our studio.



Payment: For your convenience payments for Monthly Subscription Package are by default made by Direct Debit through GoCardless. Other payment options such as PayPal are also available. Payments for each subscription period are made monthly about a week in advance (For example; for September subscription payments are taken from your account around 24th August).

Payments for PAYG lessons are by default booked in advance online through PayPal invoice, Once payment is made you will receive confirmation email(s) of that lesson booking.

Gift Vouchers: Gift Vouchers are available for special occasions for friends, family members or your spouse (Please see studio policy agreement for terms & conditions).

Free Lesson(s) & Gift Credit(s)

There are a number of ways that you can earn Free lesson Credit & Gift Credit at SGA:

Pass a Rockschool or RGT exam. Each grade that you pass will earn you a free lesson credit*. There are 9 grades in total from Beginner to Advanced (Debut to Grade 8) giving a potential of earning 9 free lessons if you are a just starting out on your instrument.

To claim your free lesson simply bring your certificate to the lesson so we can take a copy (we are proud of all our students achievements to date, and we are building up a nice collection of certificates to document their success's. We would like to invite you to join them and be part of the success).

Refer your friends and colleagues and make BIG savings each month!!

For each person you refer to us that signs up to a monthly subscription package you get a massive 25% discount off your subscription. Yes, 25% discount for each referral per month! 2 referrals in the same month will get you ½ price lessons for that month.

Would you like a whole month of FREE lessons? If you want a free month of lessons all you need to do is refer 4 of your friends within one month!!

Why are we doing this? In the past we have spent a small fortune paying for adverts that have often produced limited success. The best new students have always been referrals from existing satisfied clients. What comes around, goes around; we would rather reward those people that directly help our music teaching studio than some indifferent advertising company. It's a win/ win situation everyone. We get new student(s) who love music and are excited to learn guitar and you get a big discount off your lessons. Oh yes, and the friends you refer get their first lesson free (Typically this is something new students pay for).


*Subject to availability. During very busy times these services may be limited or temporarily unavailable.
* Free consultation service only available at SGA studio. If you require this service at a different location the PAYG and travel rates will apply.

**Terms & conditions apply.


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